My 30 Day Sugar Detox: Why You Need To Start Today

by Sheri
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How To Reset Your Brain And Body To Go Without Sugar

On Monday, I began my 30-day no sugar challenge. My Willy Wonka candy days as I have known them are over. To be honest, this is actually a 60-day challenge, but I need to break it down into two parts, to make the goal more achievable.

I have heard lots of horror stories about the different types of withdrawals I will end up going through, but at the same time how the outcome, as for some people, can be life-changing.

Sweet things have always been a temptation that I always give in to. Muffins, chocolate chip cookies and sodas are my kryptonite.

30 day sugar detox no cookies allowed

Of course, I have researched the best ways to cut sugar out of my diet, which I had done in the past and had lots to show for it. Unfortunately, I went back to my old ways.  Back then, itwas more of a diet and less of a lifestyle change for me, however, this time it is the complete opposite.

On this journey, I will document the process, how I am doing, share recipes of what I am eating and give you feedback on my symptoms and mood changes. At the end of the challenge, I hope to have the courage to share pictures and stats of my accomplishments.

I hope to learn things from this experiment and adopt habits that I’ll actually stick with.


What Is The 30 Day No Sugar Challenge?

It is an elimination diet to detoxify your body from sugar. The detox helps clean your liver and rid your body from sugar. In the process, you will find your way back to building a healthy relationship with sugar and whole foods. Away from temptation.




The Restrictions That Come With A No Sugar Challenge

The 30 or 60-day no sugar challenge is great because there are no portion restrictions or recommended amounts of food to eat. The only requirement is for you to eat only wholesome, natural, real foods.

What that means is you get to can choose a variety of foods you like within all the food categories. Be it vegetables, proteins or quality fat. There are so many reasons why you will be happier without sugar. 


30 day sugar detox muesli bowl


Soda, alcohol, fast food, and refined or processed foods are not allowed. Kick dairy to the curb. Some stay away from coffee, but you can have yours’ black.
Green tea is great if you still need that kick and boost of caffeine in the morning.

Flour products, including bread, muffins, and pasta are not your friend. The grains you can have are whole grain brown or wild rice. It may sound like a lot of things you have to give up, but really it isn’t.


How I Did On Day 1 Of The Challenge

07:00 – I have been up for 2 hours and I feel like a superstar. Ready to get back into work mode. Listening to music and feeling like “yessssss, I got this. Day 1, here we go.” No breakfast for me. I only eat breakfast on Sundays, but this might need amendments over the next 30 days. Let’s see.

07:45 – Been at work for three minutes, just three minutes and I have seen one colleague with a doughnut, another with a muffin, and two young people I’ve never seen before sucking on lollipops! Gimme a break for f*&K sake!

08:00 – The internet is down at work so I cannot get my emails started. Been on vacation for two weeks so this is something I need to do now. Not thinking about sugar much. Feel fine.

10:20 – I turned down a piece of Apfelstrudel. Go, Sheri, go Sheri, go Sheri!

11:30 – Going to lunch in a moment. I felt hungry about 45 minutes ago. Had two glasses of water and the hunger disappeared. That was dehydration talking to me. Now, I am hungry.



12:15 – Got a large bowl of salad, barely got halfway and I am full. They say eat till you are no longer hungry instead of eating until you are full. I feel fine. Another small bottle of water down, and back to work.

13:40 – The entire building has the heating on and I am freezing. Is this a symptom? Has my blood pressure dropped? Or should I have kept my boots on when I got to work instead of changing to ballerinas?

16:30 – I would love to eat a cookie right now. Or a slice of cake. Maybe both? God, please give me strength.

18:30 – What’s for dinner? A beet and shrimp winter salad. It is protein-packed and delish. All I need after this is a cup of tea and some time to write on my blog.

21:25 – I usually go to bed at 23:00 or later, but I am  tired and sleepy. It might be the crap weather or the snow, either way, I need to get to bed soon.

Let’s hope Day 2 is as merciful as today was.

You can use the infographic below to get you through the first week.

No Sugar Challenge Week One


Things I Am Looking Forward To After Week One Onwards

My goals are to:
– increase energy
– have fewer headaches
– improve my health
– change my relationship with sugar ( a sense of control around sweets)
– cook more (awareness/mindfulness of cooking habits)
sleep better

I will update you on my weekly progress after completing of Day 7!

Tomorrow, I will share with you my Day 4 dinner,  which will be a pan-fried halibut with grapefruit and mango salsa.



For now, follow me on Instagram to see how I am doing so far. Or better yet, join in the challenge yourself. I would love to see how well you do.

Have you gone through a sugar detox? Or participated in a 30 day no sugar challenge?
Please share with me in the comments section below.


Purposeful Habits xoxo Sheri

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