How To Help Your Kids Adjust To A New Home

by Sheri
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A Mother’s Guide for Helping the Kids Adjust to A New Home

As a child I moved a lot. Moving is stressful for parents, but moving with kids adds another layer of challenges. You don’t have to get overwhelmed in trying to help your kids adjust to a new home. There are a few small yet effective things you can do to make the transition easier. 

 Kids are great at adjusting and adapting pretty easy. It’s us adults that get caught up in the how to sell a house, how quickly can we move, will this be our forever home, and so on and so forth.

Today I am sharing some tips that will not only help your kids adjust to a new home, but help the whole family make a smooth transition.


Exploring Your New Environment

Prior to moving, explore the area with your children.  Show them the neighborhood, parks, or swimming pool  and help get them excited about the move. Put focus on the great things they should look forward to.

When you visit your house you can talk about how they might decorate their bedroom, or even stop by to meet the neighbors. 

If possible, time the move to happen before the start of a new school year so your kids have an opportunity to meet new friends before school begins.


Let Your Kids Help With Packing And Unpacking

As you begin packing, get your kids involved by giving them a box to pack in their room. Allow them to pack  anything that is unbreakable.  Stuffed animals, toys, and books.

You can also have them pick one or two small special items that will come along with you on moving day, ready for their first night in your new home.

During unpacking, you can give them free reign on boxes and bubble wrap to add to the fun.


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Pack An Overnight Box For With Your Kids’ Favorite Things

To get ready for moving day, pack a bag for everyone in your family with the essentials, so you won’t have to worry about searching for your toothbrush, or your child’s favorite teddy bear that first night in your new house.

A tip is to pack as if you are going on a one-week vacation. In the box you should have the items your kids won’t want to miss.  

After an exhausting moving day, you will be too tired to search through a truckload of boxes to find one item. Keeping them close by will relieve stress and overwhelm.


Stock Your New House With Easy To Make Meals 

Eating together in your new house will make everyone adjust to a new home more quickly.

You can stock up your fridge with your kid’s favorite easy to cook meals like pizza, macaroni, and cheese, or taco fixings.

Serving your kids their favorite foods will help them feel comfortable and see the transition as a fun adventure.  You can do this for a few days, then get your kids back to eating healthy food.


Get Back On Schedule

Getting back to the status quo and resuming familiar routines  will help everyone adjust to a new home better. Going to sleep and waking up at your usual hour, cooking meals together, and watching favorite TV shows will help you feel life is “normal” again.


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Introduce Your Family To Your Neighbors

Depending on how far you’ve moved, a new home might mean a new city and a new school for your kids. To help them make friends, get to know your neighbors, play in local parks, and join parenting groups to help everyone feel like they are part of their new community.

If your kids want to keep old friendships intact, help them do so. Host a farewell party  friends, and take photographs as keepsakes.

When and if possible, visit the old neighborhood from time to time, and invite some old friends over. Even though you have moved, remind your kids that they do not have to break the ties that have been so important to them.


See Moving As A New Adventure

If you plan the move as a family, see it as a new adventure. Encourage your kids’ opinions and participation.

Support one another as you adjust to a new home, community, and environment. It can also be a great way to bring your family closer together.

How often have you moved? Have you moved recently? What has your experience been moving with out without kids?

Share with me in the comments section below.


Purposeful Habits xoxo Sheri

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