7 Amazing Energy Boosting Smoothies You Will Love

by Sheri

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How Smoothies Are A Great Addition To Your Daily Diet

I am very much into learning about habits. The word tends to have a negative connotation. Today, I want to talk about good habits. In fact, a very healthy one. Drinking energy boosting smoothies.

Now that my 60-day no sugar detox is over (YAYY to me for sticking to it), I have been thinking about the things I can incorporate into my daily diet that is both healthy and yummy. Smoothies.


Smoothies Are Great For Getting You Your Daily Nutrients

We all know we have to eat two to five cups of fruits and veggies each day for good health. We also all know how hard this can be pretty hard to do. Energy boosting smoothies pretty much solve this problem. Blended smoothies are an efficient way to pack a ton of nutrition into just one glass, and you can be as creative and as imaginative as you want in terms of deciding what to include.

To get in a variety of nutrients, you can try seasonal flavours and fruits. There is nothing worse than eating or drinking the same thing every single day. Unless of course, it’s coffee or ice-cream.

Since we are talking about breaking bad habits and adopting new ones, let’s get on with it.

You already know this, but I have to say: I am not a doctor so take these with a grain of salt. If you have health issues, consult your doctor before eating or drinking certain foods. As you should with everything, drink smoothies in moderation.

Homemade smoothies are the best because you 100% know what is in it.


Smoothies That Boost Your Energy

Energy-boosting smoothies are great for providing you with energy (duh), bloating, weight loss, and fighting off a cold. I love both fruit smoothies and vegetable smoothies, so just pick what you like. Green smoothies that are filled with vegetable greens or fruit (or both) are an easy way to flush your body of toxins while giving your body lots of healthy nutrients.


Raspberry smoothie in a glass with a straw, purposefulhabits.com


The Benefits Of Smoothies

There are so many different types of smoothies you can make. I go for energy-boosting smoothies to start my day because they are filling and keep me energized. Green smoothies are wonderful because they contain all the edible parts of the plant, not just the juice.

Smoothies are known to help with:

– hydration

– better digestion

– losing weight

– allowing you to stay fuller for longer

– detoxing the body

– boosting immunity

– building strong bones

– balancing hormones

and so much more!

Another great thing about energy boosting smoothies is getting the fruits and vegetables in its entirely. When you juice, you extract the liquids and miss out on some of the good stuff.


How To Make The Perfect Smoothie

Always start by choosing the liquid base for your smoothie.

There are many options to choose from such as “normal” milk, soy or almond milk, natural or flavoured yoghurt, fruit juice, or low-fat coconut milk or coconut water. My BFF makes her smoothies with Baobab Powder.

– Always add the liquid to your blender before adding the fruit.

– You may have to add more fruit, veggies, or liquid, depending on what ingredients you choose.

– Add 2 mugs of your liquid base to your blender

– Next, put all ingredients into the blender

Blend until smooth

If you like your smoothie colder, you can freeze the fruit, buy frozen fruit, or add 1/2 a cup of ice.


The 7 Best Energy Boosting Smoothie Recipes I Am Sure You Will Love

Blueberry smoothie in a tall glass, blueberry fruit on white table

#1 Pear and Fennel Smoothie

1 heaping cup fennel, chopped

2 ripe pears, cored and chopped

1 small handful mint

2 1/2 cups green tea

1 handful kale

1/2 cup ice (optional)


#2 Mango & Coconut Smoothie

200ml coconut milk

2 cups (350 grams) mango, cubed

1 banana

1 tbsp ground flaxseed, sunflower and pumpkin seed (to add on top when finished)


#3. Strawberry Spinach Smoothie

1 orange peeled

⅓ cup strawberries

1 cup raw spinach

1 cup almond milk


#4 Banana Green Smoothie

½ cup strawberries

1 banana

1 cup raw spinach

½ cup almond milk

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Smoothie and fruit in tall glasses


#5. Strawberry Blueberry Smoothie

This one is my favourite of all the energy-boosting smoothies.

¼ cup blueberries

1 cup raw spinach

¼ cup Greek yoghurt

1 cup of water

½ cup strawberries


#6. Apple Green Smoothie

1 apple peeled and cored

¼ cup blueberries

1 cup spinach

¼ teaspoon cinnamon

1 tablespoon chia seeds

⅛ teaspoon nutmeg

1 teaspoon vanilla extract


#7. Peach Smoothie

400g fresh peaches

100g frozen raspberry

150ml fresh custard


Healthy Smoothie Tips

Eating healthy is all about habit formation. Habits form through practice so when you start out, make it a point to drink smoothies a few times a week. You can gradually increase to daily, but you really don’t have to.

You’ll be surprised to know that cucumbers and spinach have no flavour/taste when blended with yummy fruits to make a good smoothie.

I follow the 2 to 1 ratio, which means two fruits and one vegetable. I find that this leaves the smoothie on the sweet side, without any added sugar, making it easier to drink.

If you like your green smoothie colder, you can freeze the fruit, buy frozen fruit, or add a half cup of ice to it.


How Do You Make Your Smoothies?

If you have any energy boosting smoothie recipes, I would love to know about them.

Do you drink smoothies? If so, what are your favourite smoothie recipes?

Share them with me in the comments section below.

Purposeful Habits xoxo Sheri


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Kiwi April 1, 2019 - 07:39

So happy strawberry season is back in session! I would love to make the spinach strawberry smoothie soon!

Lafayne March 16, 2019 - 20:03

My go to smoothies are – Omac -3 and Inflammation Tamer. Both include Maca that I love. I am going to try the Pear and Fennel Smoothie; it looks delish. Plus, fennel aids in digestion.

GladysNava March 13, 2019 - 02:59

Oh wow! That is amazing! I will try these delicious recipes and the most I really want on these smoothies are healthy and it gives energy!

Robert Johnston March 12, 2019 - 22:52

great recipes. Cant wait to try them

Megha Saraf (@megha811) March 10, 2019 - 10:30

Wow these looks so yummy. I haven’t tried most of them. Shall definitely be trying them.

Binge on Basics March 9, 2019 - 18:56

Love the list of smoothies. I am gonna try this Mango & Coconut Smoothie for sure because I am intrigued by it

Binge on Basics March 9, 2019 - 18:55

I love the list. I am gonna make myself a Mango & Coconut Smoothie for sure. Amazing photos too

OurGranny Admin March 9, 2019 - 04:29

Oh how much I love smoothies! I need to start trying to put spinach in mine. And why did I never think of the greek yogurt. I use plain milk but greek yogurt would make it soooo yummy!

Sharon Lopez March 9, 2019 - 00:07

Wow! These are great smoothies recipes that I must try especially the Strawberry Blueberry Smoothie. my hubby will be traveling to Baguio City next week. This is the place where strawberry came from in our country. I love smoothies and I know the health benefit. Thank you for sharing.

Nominal Nomad March 8, 2019 - 18:29

love this ideias! i do a smothie every day !! i just love them, so easy to get vitamins and nutrients and so fast to prepare. thanks
Sou Debz

Alexithymia_Shubhi March 8, 2019 - 12:00

I am always short of energy kind. I really energy boosting stuff. Thank you for this info. I am gonna remember these smoothies.

IRENE March 8, 2019 - 06:00

Oh wow! My mother loves smoothies and after I see your article I want some of them too. Thank you for sharing the recipes with those incredible photos. I will try some of them.

FloArtStudio March 8, 2019 - 04:06

These look so good, I’m a big fan of smoothie. I’ve always added the fruits first though and the liquid second.

Fran Jorgensen March 8, 2019 - 02:55

This is the perfect way to start a day! Thank you so much for sharing these great recipes! I am always struggling to find new combinations to add to my arsenal and this post is just perfect! Thanks for sharing!

simplysensationalfood March 7, 2019 - 23:21

My family love smoothies for breakfast and what I do is make individual portion size smoothie packs of different fruit and veg combinations and freeze them. It makes making smoothies so much easier.

Heidi Roberts March 7, 2019 - 21:28

I adore smoothies, they are so quick and a great way to get loads of vitamins.

Mosaics Lab March 7, 2019 - 21:27

I am so addicted to good and healthy smoothies! Can’t wait to try these ones, so so good.

Passion Piece March 7, 2019 - 21:24

I love smoothies, as they are not only delicious, but also very healthy. I’d need such drinks right now to boost my energy a little bit. Can’t wait to try them out! 🙂

Sarah Bailey March 7, 2019 - 19:34

I could most definitely do with these recipes in my life! I need all the energy boosting powers that I can have! I’m going to have to try making some of these ASAP.

Tessa Christianson March 7, 2019 - 17:48

All of these smoothies look DELICIOUS! Due to some autoimmune issues, I have difficulty breaking down nutrients in raw fruits and vegetables. I love blending them up so my body doesn’t have to work as hard to reap the benefits.

Joanna March 7, 2019 - 16:24

Very nice smoothie recipes here! I used to drink smoothies for breakfast a while ago and I would always add spinach to them. I loved that in smoothies spinach has no taste but it releases all the vitamins and antioxidants.

Hemendra patar March 7, 2019 - 16:06

Thank you for sharing these amazing smoothies. I love your blog and subscribing it. Immense helpful post.

Amber March 7, 2019 - 14:22

Yum, I really should drink more smoothies. It’s been ages since I’ve had one, and I really do enjoy them. These all sound tasty!

Michael David Oyco March 7, 2019 - 13:17

I love your list. Everything is looks yummy but at the same time healthy. Great photos too! Good job.

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