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by Sheri
Guest Post on A Busy Bee's Life

Here’s The Submission Process To Guest Post On My Site

So you want to guest post on Purposeful Habits? Great. Glad you are here.

There are just a few things I need to let you know before we get started. Don’t worry, it’s real easy.

I love sharing content from like-minded people to share with my wonderful audience.

Write! Your post should be based on personal experiences or tips and strategies to help our readers solve a problem to do things in a more productive way.

Your submitted post is between 800 and 1200 words. Longer submissions in excess of 2000 words will be edited for brevity. We don’t accept stories with obscene sexual content, or intolerant and hateful speech.

If you quote someone, attribute it. If you use someone’s photo(s), give them credit.

Submit! Fill out our simple submission form below and let’s get your post reviewed. Make sure you read the disclaimer, privacy policy and terms of conditions. Here’s the link: Terms and Conditions

Connect! You’ll hear from us within 48 hours acknowledging that we’ve have received your submission.

Reviews! After review, one of three things will happen.

Your post will be:

1) Accepted.

2) Rejected it if it is in violation of our terms and mission, or if it is not a good fit to this site.

3) Sent back to you with recommended changes and/or edits to content, pictures, post title etc.

Published! Once your post has been accepted, it will be scheduled to go live.

We will let you know as soon as it goes live so that you can see it and share it.



By submitting your post/s, you agree that Purposeful Habits reserves the right to reject post submissions that do not meet the standard and quality of the content on this blog. Purposeful Habits may also make changes to pictures, content and links in any post that is submitted and approved. Unapproved links will not be included in the published post. You also confirm that the post you submit for publishing has not been published elsewhere and will not be published elsewhere after acceptance of post on Purposeful Habits. After the post is published, the rights to the post and content become and remain property and copyright of Purposeful Habits and no requests to further change the document content will be made without prior discussion. All set? If you agree, check the box below and let’s get you published!

Fill out this submission form to begin.

Looking forward to getting you published!

Have a great day.