How To Use The New And Improved Hashtag Finder Tool

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Here’s How Tailwind’s Hashtag Finder Tool 2.0 Is Going To Save You Hours Of Time

Everyone knows how much I love the Tailwind Tool. It is an app I think EVERY blogger should have. Of course that’s solely my opinion. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have an app to help you grow your traffic? Have you heard about their new-and-improved Hashtag Finder tool?

It is awesome. No one has time to sit at the computer for hours on end a day, especially when a lot of us have a full-time job, and/or kids to worry about.

Not only has the Tailwind Tool kept me on my Pinterest and Facebook game, it is helping me grow my Instagram too!

This post is for bloggers, brands, anyone who has a business or website and is present on social media.

I cannot tell you how much this is a game-changer for me. When posting on Instagram, without having a large amount of followers (I am no Viola Davis), it is hard to get your content seen out there. Using the right hashtags is key!

Create Epic Instagram Hashtags using just one tool abusybeeslife on Pinterest

The problem with hashtags is that they are super competitive.
Say for example, you post a new picture on Instagram and use hashtags such as:


All great hashtags but are they beneficial for engagement? Yes and no. Millions of users and photos will be using that very same hashtags throughout the day you post, and even within the same second, minute, or hour you post the picture.

This means the likely hood of your picture being seen an liked is next to nothing. Unless of course, you are Kim Kardashian. Then you could post #iamsooooobored, and get 250,000 likes in 5 mins.

Want to see the difference between the old Hashtag Finder Tool and the new 2.0 version? Click here.


So What Can The Hashtag Finder Tool Do For Me You Ask?

The hashtag finder tool solves the problem I was just speaking about.
Here’s how. The hashtag finder tool gives you:

– a fresh choice of hashtags for every post, every time.
– hashtag suggestions appear and refresh as you type, whether you include hashtags or not!
– you can find even more hashtags by shuffling them or quickly dismissing the ones that aren’t quite right.
– hover over any hashtag to see how popular it is so you can quickly pick the best ones for you.

Let me break this part down a bit so you understand better.

If you are a visual person, my screenshots will help too.


Tailwind Tool Dashboard & Using Hashtag Finder

In the Tailwind tool dashboard, make sure you have connected your Instagram account so you can get started. You can also tie Pinterest to your Facebook business page using Tailwind. Learn about that here.

Click on upload images as show below:

Dashboard Tailwind tool to upload pictures

After uploading your pic, this is what you will see:

Uploaded pic TailwindTool Hashtag Finder

Remember to add your caption. No one wants to post to Instagram without a short (or long) caption to share with your readers. Add a call to action if it applies to your picture.

Get people engaged! That’s what Instagram is all about.

Next, you will see you have 0/30 hashtags available to use on Instagram.

You can type in your hashtag or click from the ones shown below like this:

Chosen hashtags show below the image

The colour codes show you which hashtags are competitive, best good, and niche specific.

This will help you make better and more informed choices about which  hashtags you use, rather than randomly selecting what you think might work.

Color Coded hashtags on the Hashtag Finder Tool abusybeeslife

This is what I love most about this tool. It makes it easy to find the right hashtags for your feed, gaining you engagement from the right people who in turn become followers. More followers mostly means, more traffic to your blog, more shares etc etc. You get the picture.


Shuffle Hashtags For Even Fresher Tags

You may not like all the suggested hashtags, so use the “Hashtag Shuffle” feature to update those suggestions as you add more hashtags or more text to your caption.


Watch This Video That Explains The Steps Too



Save More Time With Hashtag Lists

Use the Hashtag Lists feature to save your most used and favourite hashtags. You can create different lists, so for my lifestyle blog, my list favourite hashtags would be put into lists four lists of travel, self-love, productivity and parent related hashtags.


My Favourite Hashtags List

Add those tags onto any future post with just a few clicks. Easy peasy.

If you read my blog a lot, you know that I am all about saving time and increasing productivity.

Here is the post I was working on above, added to the queue, and just published to Instagram.

The Hashtag Finder Tool has saved me lots of valuable time.

I am going to schedule my Instagram feed posts from now until the end of the month (2 weeks worth). Should take me about 10 – 15 minutes to do. Talk about saving time right?


Leave the Hashtag Finder  Tool to do the work, so you can sit back and watch the magic happen!


Here Is A Little Something To Get You Started

Want a free trial before you commit? Click here to start your free trial today

Remember the Hashtag Finder Tool 2.0 does the following:

– Get a fresh selection of hashtags for every post, every time.
– Hashtag suggestions now appear and refresh as you type, whether you include hashtags or not!
– Find even more hashtags by shuffling them or quickly dismissing the ones that aren’t quite right.
– Hover over any hashtag to see how popular it is so you can quickly pick the best ones for you.


What do you think of the Hashtag Finder Tool? Are you already using it?

Do you think this tool can increase your productivity and help grow your traffic?

Share your thoughts with me in the comments section below.


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