5 Things You Need To Know As A Mom Returning To School

by Sheri
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Who Says Mom Returning To School Should Be Hard And Complicated? Here’s How To Make A Smooth Transition

The start of Autumn is here and kids are back to school. Excited about seeing old friends again and making  new ones. We make sure we have everything in place to make sure our little ones have all they need for a great start. My little one went back to Kindergarten at the start of the month and is already so excited about the amazing things this year will bring. A friend of mine is a mom returning to school and classes begin in a week. She has four kids, two dogs, and a cat.  Yup! 


I Am A Mom Returning To School – Help! How Do I Stuart Planning?

Today I want to share with you some things to think about and put in place after you make the decision to go back to school.

It is never too late to learn something new, or to get back to the core of what really feeds your soul. That thing that makes you really and truly happy.

Many moms wish for a big change. A mom returning to school might do it for a career overhaul or return to past goals.

If you have experienced stagnation recently, then you might be happy to hear that it isn’t all that difficult to make some big changes.  The hardest part is taking the leap into the unknown.


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A great way to get started is to have direction. You don’t need to have everything set in place just yet, you do need to know what your goal is.

Many women choose not to return to work in the jobs they had before having children, often because of a lack of flexibility.

Sadly, many moms think that going back to school  isn’t possible for them. They are responsible for looking after their kids, and are so busy that they think there is no way they could fit big changes into their lives.

Thankfully, though, fitting in some extra classes and studying around a family doesn’t have to be that tricky. Here are some ways you can make it work for you.

Here Are  5 Things You Need To Know As A Mom Returning To School

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1. Turn To Online Study

Rather than enrolling in a local school or classes near you, it’s a better idea to study online. There are countless of courses and degrees you can take online. You can register for a course such as an online MBA, so you don’t have to leave your home.

As a stay-at-home mom or a working mom returning to school,  you’ll need to work your online course schedule around your kids. As childcare won’t be a struggle, you can plan your day in a productive and effective way.


2. Set Up A Simple And Practical Schedule

One way to prevent your childcare and studying getting in the way of each other is to set up a schedule for yourself. If you do prefer to study at home without any distractions from your kids, you might want to schedule in an hour each day when your partner takes the kids.

Once you’ve planned out your daily routine, you will find that the extra studying won’t make things feel too hectic, or leaving you overwhelmed. We use a family calendar that we can all access.


3. Figure Out Your Learning Style

Before you do start taking part in courses and studies, research what is called your preferred learning style. Some people absorb information better when they read and take notes, because others will respond to learning better when they do hands-on exercises.

As soon as you have this all figured out, try sticking to the style for at least a week, to see how it works for you.


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4. Have An Amazing Support System

The extra time you need for yourself, might also mean relying on others for help. A strong support system that includes close friends and family members is so important.

Sit down with your partner first to discuss how to divide responsibilities for added support.

Explain to all involved (including kids) why you are pursuing an education. Whether it is to land a better job or earn more money for the family, or to follow your dreams. This will help your children understand the importance of being supportive.


5. Don’t Take On Too Much

It can be easy to take on too much when you go back to school. Learning to say no is a good thing. Take on the right amount of classes and courses that allows you to cope with the changes you have made to your daily life.

Never burden yourself with an impossible workload, students and experts say. Earning an online degree and going back to school is great, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be done as fast as possible.

Having your children, who are approaching school age, seeing mommy studying could significantly influence them to do well in school themselves.


You Can Do This!

Nothing is more joyous, or fulfilling that settling down and starting a family. You do not have to put your education on hold any longer.  The benefits of an on/offline education is no longer beyond your reach.

Put in the work and make it fit in to your family life. Time is something a lot of us don’t have an abundance of, because we don’t make it.


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Not everything will go smoothly at all times. You’ll feel tired and may even want to give up. Just remember that these changes are temporary, and that you can do this while maintaining healthy family relationships.

If you are emotionally drained and physically exhausted, you cannot study efficiently and you cannot be there for your family.

So take care of yourself, and always follow your heart, it knows the way.

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