New Month, New Beginnings – Starting Over

by Sheri
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New Month, New Beginnings Are The Best Times To Set Goals

Weekend Recap! Wanna know all I had to go through to get to this new month, new beginnings?

A whole lot. Last Thursday was one that really kicked me in the you-know-what!

Had to switch my domain hosts, extract all my html files as site content migration was not going to work for me based on the old website builder I was using so imagine my shock of having to start over!

Oh well – it is what it is. I accepted the challenge and decided that my website would be revamped by February 1st- literally giving me only THREE days to get all this work done.

As you can see, I work well under pressure. My site is clearer, brighter, easier to read and navigate.

All made achievable with UNLIMITED RED BULL, COFFEE & CHOCOLATE.

As I said, new month, new beginnings right?

Good gracious!!! I thought I was going to have a breakdown. So here we are, no breakdown and just in time to enter this great month of February.


Things I Am Looking Forward To This Month

  • My son – affectionately referred to as Knuddi on this blog turned 8 months today 🙂
  • My hubby – Affectionately referred to as Bear; celebrates his birthday this Saturday.
  • Have a special appointment next week – Will write more about it after the fact .
  • Valentine’s Day – Lurrrrvvvv.
  • An extra day this month – Leap Year.
  • Doing some more reading and writing.

What are your plans for February? Are you making any recent changes in your life?

Looking forward to any special moments?

Share them with me in the comments section below.

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