Why Denmark Is The Best Place To Get Married

by Sheri

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Here’s How To Plan Your Dream Wedding In Denmark

Are you planning a destination wedding but not sure of where you want your family and friends to celebrate your magical day?  Denmark is the best place to get married is that you can have an on-site wedding planner who will take care of your wants and needs for under 1000 Euros!

Getting married in Denmark is the #1 ideal location for couples who are opposite sex, same sex, varied races and nationalities.

You can even plan your wedding in one week! Yes, you read that correctly, in 7 days all your planning can be completed and all you have to do is arrive in Denmark 24 hours before the planned ceremony.

Just remember, the more services you require, the more you will pay.

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Reasons Denmark Is The Ideal Venue For Your Destination Wedding

When you think of Denmark what comes to your mind first? The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen, castles and manors? If so, then you are right on track.

Plan a beautiful fairy-tale wedding in multiple locations across Denmark.

Did you know that the actual castle that Shakespeare set Hamlet in, Kronborg, can host your wedding banquet too?

Denmark is surely a country that knows love has no bounds. It is the first country in the world where legal recognition of same-sex unions was granted.


Here Are Five Great Reasons Why Denmark Is The Best Place To Get Married

1. The Wedding Process Is Easy

In Denmark, you can get married to your partner easily, without having to wait weeks or months for paperwork and a date. There are many companies out there that will help review your documents, ensure you have everything you need.

Once the date is set, the company will keep you up to date throughout the process to make sure that you have a hassle-free wedding.


2. The Documents You Need For Getting Married Are Likely Already In Your Possession

–  Valid Passport
–  Visa if required and Schengen entry stamp
–  If you are living abroad, your residence permit
–  Certificate of your marital status from your current place of residence
–  If you have been previously married, a divorce decree or death certificate will be required
–  Persons of the Military will require permission from their commander
–  Original Birth Certificate (in most cases your birth certificate is not necessary)

Documents that are not in English, German or Danish must be translated into one of these three languages.

your dream wedding in Denmark


If you wish to tie the knot in Copenhagen, there are many possibilities of getting married in beautiful and romantic surroundings.

You can easily get married in the vintage classy Copenhagen City Hall, Frederiksberg Town Hall or book a registrar to marry you in a location of your choice.

If you dream of a Christian church wedding, one of you must be a member of the Danish Church.


3. Your Wedding Certificate Is Valid Internationally

Denmark has the least legal formalities and paperwork to be taken care of. This, of course, makes the wedding process easier. The documentation process is very straightforward.

After your wedding, you will receive a marriage certificate that is valid worldwide.

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, can also translate your certificate into required languages and labelled with authentication/apostille.


4. Marriage in Denmark for Non-EU Citizens

Marriage in Denmark is super popular for international and multi-international couples. Getting the paperwork right is difficult and it can take as long as months or even years to secure a wedding date in some countries.

The laws in Denmark allow couples to get married without living in Denmark first.

Couples have to stay for one, sometimes two nights depending on the town hall they choose to get married in.

The combinations of couples listed below can get married in Denmark:
Both are non-EU citizens
Both are EU citizens.
One is an EU citizen, the other is a non-EU citizen.
One or both are currently residing in a different country than the one they are a citizen of.

bride in wedding dress near archway


5. Basic to Premium Wedding Packages

Denmark is the best place to get married because you can do so according to your budget.

Let go of the financial pressure that comes with getting married.

Most town hall wedding packages include the following:
Personal assistance with all the legal paperwork, booking and confirmation of the wedding date and the wedding at the city hall.

The will make available of two witnesses – if required, an apostille from the Danish Foreign Ministry on one marriage certificate, and a bottle of Champagne for a toast after the ceremony.

Additionally,  the day before your wedding , the company will assist you with a complete check and follow-up on all legal documents and agreed wedding program, as well as verification of your original documents by the Citizens Office

For free you can request:
– Photos (taken with your camera)
– Unlimited contact with wedding consultant
– Information on accommodation, activities and wedding professionals.

★ Extras: Booking service extras such as a bridal bouquet, hairstylist, wedding cake, photographer etc.


love conquers all couple holding hands in heart shaped form


5. Locations – The Top 2 Places For Weddings In Denmark

A ceremony in Denmark is the same no matter which town hall you’re at.
The ceremony is in Danish, English or German.

Here are my #1 places in Copenhagen and Elsinore for celebrating your wedding.

Hotel d’Angleterre – Copenhagen – Denmark

The most luxurious and historic hotel in Denmark.

d’Angleterre is the perfect setting for celebrating your wedding.
Their on-site team will assist with:

A customized wedding
Convenient central location
Floor Plan and room setup
Lavish wedding venues
Beautiful decorations


Boats on the water in Copenhagen

Beach Hotel Marienlyst – Helsingor -Denmark

Known for its’ great rooms, and beautiful surroundings next to the sea.
A property with substantial character set in a tranquil location beautifully presented!
Their on-site team will assist with:
The Space for even the largest guest lists
Banquet menus
Hotel rooms
Beach Surroundings
Provides Bar, DJ, Band, Food, Beverage, wedding planning and flowers


Denmark Sounds Pretty Awesome So Far Right?

Denmark is the best place to get married because you choose where to marry.

The Town Hall of the city you are visiting, or book a registrar to marry you in a location of your choice.

If you dream of a Christian church wedding, one of you must be a member of the Danish Church.

As always, the number of guests you have, extra services you need and the location, will ultimately determine the cost for your wedding.

Learn more about our fabulous trip to Copenhagen.


Are You Convinced?

Denmark, voted one of the top three happiest nations in the world. Who wouldn’t want to get married here?

Of course, Denmark is by far the best place to get married. Hands down!

Have you had a destination wedding or planning one? Share with me in the comments section below.


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Stacy November 28, 2018 - 19:31

I got married in Austria. In Graz and it was extremely hard to plan. If only I had known about the options in Denmark.

Ben November 28, 2018 - 19:30

Friends of ours got married in Denmark. Unfortunately we were unable to go (we have 4 kids), but they had the best time of their lives.

Alexis November 28, 2018 - 19:28

Hi Sheri. I have been engaged for 7 months and we still have not decided on a destination wedding location. Thank you for this.

Lisa November 28, 2018 - 19:27

We got married in Denmark. Tim and I have been back twice for wedding anniversaries. I wish we had known more about planning. It was great nonetheless.

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