Districts of Vienna: Finding Your Way Around

by Sheri

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 One Great City – Twenty Three Districts – Get To Know The Districts Of Vienna

The districts of Vienna are divided into  23 districts called “Bezirke”. Vienna itself is divided into two parts, The Danube and The Donaukanal.

This amazing city is not only Austria’s capital, but its’ own province has a population of about 1.75 million people. It grew from the Roman settlement and became an important trading site in the 11th century.

It was the capital of the Babenberg dynasty and later the Austrian Habsburgs. Since World War I, Vienna has been the capital of the Republic of Austria.

All the districts of Vienna have their own personal character and flavor.


Finding Your Way Around

When in Vienna, you can figure out how the districts of Vienna addresses by using this code:

* number 1 for Vienna
* two digits for the district
* number for a mailing subdivision (usually zero)

For example 1010 is the first district; 1190 the 19th district, 1220 the 22nd district….you get the point.

Easy right?

You can always tell which district you’re in by looking at the nearest street sign – the street is always preceded by the district number.


The first district begins at the city center and the other 22 districts spiral out from there. When looking at a map of all the district of Vienna, you will notice the numbers increasing in a clockwise way.

Each district of Vienna has a number and a name. Public transport is well used in Vienna, and is safe for getting around the city both during the day and at night.

Over the next few months, I will be documenting Vienna’s districts individually as each district has so much to offer. This historical city named the world’s most livable city for the 7th time in a row is a must-see when traveling through Europe.

the districts of vienna austria abbl


Beginning in March 2017, I will be adding each district for you on a bi-weekly basis.

This way, you will be able to view the districts of Vienna individually to learn about sights, things to do as well as the best places to visit, eat, shop and relax!

I will be showing you some of the best places this city has to offer, like the ones below and many more.


The Belvedere

Belvedere districts of vienna



Schönbrunn Palace 

Schönbrunn Palace Districts of Vienna


Karlskirche (Saint Charles Church) 

Karlskirche St Charles Church Districts of Vienna

Districts Of Vienna

  • 1st District – Innere Stadt ( Coming Soon - March 2017 )

I often post interesting information about great things to do and see in and around Vienna on my Instagram page too.

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Austria's National Day is on October 26, so I am off this week, relaxing and traveling.

Hope to see you back soon as I create and update more content for you.

Would love to hear your opinions and feedback, so share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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catalina grig August 16, 2017 - 23:17

Great article. I will definitively note Vienna on my list of places to visit.

porcheberry February 25, 2017 - 16:26

even with the simple numbering system I’m fairly confident I would still be confused at first haha

Indrani January 1, 2017 - 15:41

I had toured Vienna but mostly the old part. Looks like I have missed a lot. I never realized during my tours there it could be so huge. I concentrated more on the UNESCO monuments. Good work of mapping the city in your blogs. I am tempted to do something like this for Bangalore.

seasaltsecrets November 16, 2016 - 11:39

I had no idea Vienna was split into so many districts! I wish I had more time to explore them all while visiting.

Thuymi @ AdventureFaktory.com November 5, 2016 - 10:01

Can you imagine in vietnam, actually saigon, districts are in number and it sounds like we are in Hunger games? Lol – Loving to discover these districts through your post … Hundertwasserhaus looks so good woa!

Eileen xo November 4, 2016 - 09:41

Vienna is on my list to do with the hubs. What a beautiful location and I love the ability to download the app to set up my guide

Marielle Altenor October 31, 2016 - 00:01

Vienna looks absolutely breathtaking. I’m so adding it to my bucket list! I would love to walk around there.

Rosey October 30, 2016 - 06:40

We wanted to go when we were in Prague, but we ran out of time. Everything here looks so enticing. I would still love to visit.

Kathy October 28, 2016 - 23:39

Sounds like a great place to visit. I love all the photos. They’re so beautiful!

The Mad Mommy October 27, 2016 - 23:03

I never realized that Vienna was so incredibly beautiful! The buildings are just stunning!

homemadeforelle October 27, 2016 - 17:36

I have been wanting to travel. I am bookmarking this for when I travel to Vienna 🙂

Lakisha October 27, 2016 - 08:54

Vienna is on my bucket list. So many beautiful historic places. I bet you had a great time and I see you learned so much.

Sheri @ A Busy Bees Life October 27, 2016 - 08:59

Hi Lakisha, I live here in Vienna, so I get to enjoy it everyday 🙂

Izabela October 26, 2016 - 16:37

Vienna looks like an amazing city. I hope I will be able to book a weekend gateway at some point in near future to see it. Your photos are beautiful.

Rachel Mouton October 26, 2016 - 15:29

This is beautiful. I love the architecture and the colors!

Jennifer L Johnson October 26, 2016 - 13:24

Vienna looks beautiful!! It would be amazing to travel there, your pictures are amazing, everything looks like a post card!!!

Karlyn Cruz October 26, 2016 - 10:44

Wow! I will add this on my travel bucket list. I am so in love with the wonderful pics!

Liz Mays October 26, 2016 - 10:14

You explained it so perfectly. I would feel a lot less nervous about orientation now.

jessicasimms October 26, 2016 - 01:14

Wow! Stunning pictures! One day I hope to Vienna one day!

momknowsbest15 October 25, 2016 - 20:16

Those are some fascinating buildings. I love the colors in the one building

Melanie Smith October 25, 2016 - 18:29

Vienna is on my bucket list. I hope I can go there soon, looks so beautiful in that first picture.

Jenn @ EngineerMommy October 25, 2016 - 17:52

This looks like a beautiful place to visit. I would love to check out all these districts of Vienna. It would be great to visit this area with the whole family.

Sheri @ A Busy Bees Life October 26, 2016 - 04:21

This is another great thing about Vienna Jenn, you can go almost everywhere with your kids! There are so many family friendly places to see and visit, your kids will not be bored for a second.

CJ | Thirty30Courtney.com October 25, 2016 - 17:06

I only wish more cities were as intentional in their address systems. This reminds me of when I lived in Miami. If you gave me an address, I could instantly spit out the area in which we were going. Some cities *cough* Atlanta are absolutely TERRIBLE.

Borei Design October 25, 2016 - 15:45

Looks gorgeous! I love to travel and this is just one more beautiful place I would love to go. Thanks for sharing.

Eliza Armand (@eliza_armand) October 25, 2016 - 08:21

Great post! I’ve never been to Vienna, but I’m going to visit it this Christmas! Thanks for sharing this! <3
Cheers, Eliza

Dot October 25, 2016 - 03:26

Vienna!!! i want to visit next year. Planning a trip myself for the summer months when it gets warm. Thanks for the tips

Sheri @ A Busy Bees Life March 16, 2017 - 06:22

I hope you get to see Vienna this year, if you need information or advice, let me know.

Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes October 25, 2016 - 02:29

Vienna looks like such a beautiful place. Somewhere I definitely want to pay a visit.

Elizabeth October 25, 2016 - 02:17

I would absolutely LOVE to visit this place some time. That first photo – WOW! Love it!

Enjoyfreebies October 24, 2016 - 22:32

Wow! That house and cathedral is AMAZING!!! I never knew there were such cool things to see in Vienna. Now I really want to go!

Mindy@FarmFitLiving October 24, 2016 - 21:53

Vienna would be an amazing place to visit and hear some great music. Home of some of the most inspirational classical musicians! Someday, I hope to visit.

Valerie CottageMakingMommy October 24, 2016 - 20:15

Sherri I could just sit and stare at this building forever. To say it’s beautiful doesn’t seem enough.

Kay October 24, 2016 - 19:35

Wow this is informative:) I’ll have to save this for a point of reference just in case 🙂 I have so many wishlist place. And the app I’m just gonna download it anyways lol 🙂

Janine Good October 24, 2016 - 17:13

Didn’t realize that Vienna was such a big place with so many districts! I need to go back to explore more. I was there twice but for only a day each time on the way to Germany. I love that you write about Austria so much. It certainly is an amazing country.

Wanderlustkyla October 24, 2016 - 16:34

Wow I had no idea Vienna had so many districts! It looks like such a stunning place and I would love to visit some day!

MyYellowApron October 24, 2016 - 14:10

That’s the st. Stephen’s church, right? Vienna is such a pretty city. One of our friends are going there in Nov and I was telling them about your blog. I’m sure they will check it out.

Sheri @ A Busy Bees Life October 24, 2016 - 14:44

Thank you so much for referring my blog to your friend as a point of reference. I think it will come in handy for him/her. If your friend needs any information that is not documented here, please ask them to contact me and I will help in any way I can.

MyYellowApron October 24, 2016 - 14:51


Blair Villanueva October 24, 2016 - 13:39

I’ve also read (including watched on movies) great things about Vienna, adding your descriptions, which I find so fascinating. I’m feeling dreamy again by its beauty, I couldn’t help it – it’s Vienna!

Miranda (Anosa) October 24, 2016 - 13:24

I visited Vienna at the beginning of the year, most the Danube area and I loved it. This is a great post.

Sheri @ A Busy Bees Life March 16, 2017 - 06:23

Thank you so much Miranda! Glad you enjoyed your time here. 🙂

Julie Maloney October 24, 2016 - 11:15

That’s interesting, I don’t know much about Vienna but I remember your Instagram picture and I thought that was pretty cool. Cool to know there are districts. Reminds me of the Hunger Games lol.

Amber Myers October 24, 2016 - 08:48

I will keep this in mind if we ever go to Vienna. I certainly would love to visit! I know it’s lovely. We’d probably use that public transportation!

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