Work With Me: Brand Collaboration

by Sheri
Work With Me: Brand Collaboration


I am very open to collaborating with brands that align with the focus of my blog! Brands related to self-care, wellness, organization, productivity, healthy living, and personal development are especially welcome. If you are a brand that is looking to collaborate with me please e-mail me at to discuss specifics.


What Do I Do?

As you know, I’m Sheri, a blogger, mom, organizer extraordinaire, and world traveller from Austria. Here’s why you should work with me. I offer busy moms tips and tools to live an organized, intentional and simplified life.

Purposeful Habits is an internationally established brand. Content produced on my site and social media channels reach hundreds of thousands of people each month.


My Audience

Purposeful Habits produces content to appeal to a Millennial and Gen X audience who are working moms and live a busy lifestyle.

My audience comes mainly from the following locations:




United Kingdom




South Africa

My audience is roughly 84% female.


Purposeful Habits Readers Are Interested In:

  • Motherhood & Parenting
  • Self-Improvement
  • Organization
  • Minimalist Lifestyle
  • Productivity
  • Travel
  • Culture



    Current site stats as of July 1, 2019:
  • Average monthly visitors: 164,000+
  • Average monthly page views: 230,000+
  • Domain Authority: 48
  • Pinterest Followers: 10K+ (with more than 200K monthly views)
  • Facebook Fans: 6K+
  • Instagram Followers: 5K+
  • Twitter Followers: 1.5K+
  • Newsletter subscribers: 2000+



Purposeful Habits has partnered with lots of brands in the last 2 years since its creation.

Content produced from these campaigns has reached readers worldwide.

From all of the collaborations I have done, here are my most fun ones:


What I Can Offer During Partnerships

If we partner up, here are some of the things I can offer as part of my coverage:

  • Social media coverage including mentions on Facebook and Twitter
  • Instagram photos and stories, plus the use of hashtags
  • Pinterest – Creation of two pins and sharing to 650K+ monthly viewers
  • An agreed-upon blog post after review, complete with photos
  • Photo and video content (at an extra cost)
  • Any amount I earn goes to my charity of choice 🙂

Want to learn more? Please contact me to see examples or discuss possible partnership opportunities with Purposeful Habits at


Disclosure Notice

In accordance with ethical blogging practices, all reviews/promotions hosted on A Busy Bee’s Life in exchange for compensation will be 100% truthful and include a sponsorship notation somewhere in the post.

I will not speak/write badly about your competitors in any review, post, or discussion under any circumstance, neither do I guarantee positive coverage.

If you represent a self-help/improvement, motherhood, or lifestyle (travel, fashion, accessories) company in any of the areas listed above (or even any others!), please get in touch to discuss possible partnerships.


Work With Me – Let’s Partner Up!

I am happy to work with brands should any PR folks wish to collaborate.

This includes paid for:

Sponsored Posts 
Product Reviews 
Giveaways / Competitions Hosting 
Videos / Vlogs 
Articles / Commentary for other websites
PR Campaigns


Please note, I do not work for free. I work on my blog to donate to charity. 

Commissioned content (sponsored posts, product reviews etc) will be honest, in order to reflect my true opinion. Final decisions on the published post remains with me. Links will be marked as no-follow where I have received compensation (payment, vouchers, products etc) for working with the brand (as per Google’s Terms of Service).

All commissioned blog posts, vlogs and social media activity will be clearly labelled and identified as being paid for. This includes appropriate disclosure and hashtags.  Payment is to be made within 5 days of the work being completed unless otherwise negotiated prior to publishing via bank transfer or Paypal. I do not accept checks and money orders.

If payment is outstanding after 14 days, interest and compensation will be charged at 7% plus the Bank Austria base rate accrued on a daily basis as the compensation as determined by the invoice amount.

All commissioned posts and associated links will stay live for at least one year.


Extra Info

Any sponsored content published on this blog will include a disclaimer and/or disclosure notice, identifying it as such, in accordance with the FTC guidelines.



If you’d like to work together or find out more about how we could collaborate, please send me an email me at I also have a media kit available on request. To submit a post, go head and click here.

If you’ve not read my About Me page,  please take a quick look. 

Thank you,

Purposeful Habits xoxo Sheri